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Estate Administration

Estate Administration

What Is Estate Administration?

Estate Administration is the process of marshaling and distributing the assets of a deceased individual through the formation of an Estate. While this process can be emotionally draining and challenging to navigate, McCarthy Tax Law works with the administrator to help them comply with the directives of the will, and correctly follow Pennsylvania’s complex statutory scheme for the gathering of assets, payment of debts and taxes, and the ultimate distribution of assets passing through the estate.

In the Estate Administration process, we begin by reviewing the will. If the deceased did not have a will, meaning the deceased died “intestate,” we will assist you in determining those beneficiaries eligible for asset distribution under Pennsylvania’s statutory intestacy provisions. Under either circumstance, we help Administrators settle estates as efficiently as possible.

Since Pennsylvania is one of only a handful of states which imposes and inheritance tax, we will also prepare the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax return for the estate.

How It Works

What do you do after your loved one dies?

We help you answer this question. As your trusted guide, we help you interpret documents and follow the process for determining where the assets of your loved one get distributed. We start by helping you understand the deceased wishes for how their belongings, finances, and other assets will be passed along. Next, we help you follow statutory guidelines for money, assets, and other belongings as the legal process requires. Together we determine how to proceed with the distribution of assets and what next steps are necessary.

When you partner with McCarthy Tax Law, we answer all of the legal questions for you. While this process can be complex and lengthy, we make things as fast and easy as possible for you

How We Help

Our Estate Administration service includes:

  • Probating the Will
  • Collecting Assets
  • Distributing funds to the beneficiaries
  • Filing Tax Returns
  • Settling Creditor Claims
  • Working with problem heirs
  • Obtaining the Executor’s Release of Liability documentation
  • Inheritance Tax Preparation
  • And more
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